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Janette Sanne taught at Texas A and M University. She studied and implemented the Project Approach/Based learning. She has also taught birth to grade 12 for over 30 years. She has always been a volunteer and has won accolades for giving her time. She has a Master's degree in Christian Education. She believes in children and their futures. She loves to see the best in children, loves children and loves to see them learn. Janette has an incredible approach to learning, making it fun and challenging and have your child smiling and laughing! She understands each child learns at their own given pace and when they are excited about learning, they learn their at their best. She has taught online ESL for 4.5 years and it has given her that opportunity to learn more about teaching reading and writing concepts.

She saw Inspired Virtual and had been hoping for a program that she could use her skills she learned while homeschooling her own children for 10 years.  She has worked and taught large groups (35+ kids) and small groups (6 kids) as well as one- to- one and every part has been amazing watching the growth. 

Her youngest homeschooled after 3rd grade and could not read when she pulled her out. Her son was 7th and struggled to stay in class because he was asking too many questions and was very bored thinking like everyone else.  It was not an easy road, it was hard for them and for her, many days were spent asking WHY? And knowing it was a mission to educate them.  But, they took it one day at a time, one lesson, figuring out what worked for each of them.  What their strengths and weaknesses were and also what she deemed necessary for them.  She wanted them to know Geography and the world around them, she wanted them to know Science, and speaking, spelling, reading, and writing skills.  Math, they fumbled through, got through it and they did great as did she! 

Her passion and interests are diverse.  She loves to travel and see others are just like all of us. She loves to quilt and read.  She is learning to ocean fish and crab.  She loves being next to the ocean and she lives in Mid-South Texas.  She is a Montana girl at heart, with the same values and kindness that they hold dear, so do many others.

 She has 5 grown children, 10 grandbabies.

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