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My name is Lilli or Miss Lilli, as students call me. The parent of one of my Latin 3 students in Tennessee suggested I look at the Inspired Virtual website. Within minutes, I noticed that we share the same values and goals.

After earning a master's degree in physical education and a teaching credential, my career trajectory changed; that is, I was blessed with three children within a little less than 50 weeks. I homeschooled my children from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Near the end of my tenure, I became an accredited Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) instructor at the Registered Level.

I have been teaching other peoples’ children, grades K through 12, and sometimes even a mom, since 2011. Currently, I offer live classes at a local homeschool resource

center in California. I also teach privately at my home, and across the country via Skype, and now Zoom!

My most frequently requested subjects are English (IEW writing, non-IEW writing, grammar, literature, reading) and Latin. Occasionally, I teach beginning Hebrew, beginning acoustic guitar, and math. This year I am adding a class based on “The President’s 1776 Report.” Please use the link below to check out all the classes.

I suffer from “hobby guilt.” When I’m not teaching, I am gardening, practicing modern calligraphy or classical guitar, reading, studying Hebrew or Spanish, quilting, walking my dog (Liberty), or making bread from the wheat that I ground. Joyfully, I never have an idle moment.

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