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Tuttle Twins Guide to Logical Fallacies*

Learning to cut through false information to deal with the issue.

  • Started Jan 5
  • 80 US dollars
  • Online

Class Description

Age Range: 11-14 Schedule: Start date: Jan 5, 2022 Wednesday, Friday Learning Goals: The author shares, "One of the most commonly used methods of spreading misinformation is the use of a logical fallacy—a bad argument that makes something seem truthful that actually might not be. These types of arguments are used repeatedly, and there are many different types." In this class, we will learn to identify them, peel them away, and use facts to dispute faulty arguments. Homework: Every chapter introduces a new fallacy. We will be discussing a new fallacy in each class. Every student will need to have read the chapter and come prepared to discuss the fallacy. Estimated time outside of class: 30 minutes to 1 hour per week Assessment: Simple periodic quizzes will be given. Mock arguments will be used to review materials. Learner Supply List: The Tuttle Twins Guide Book to Logical Fallacies ( Folder or notebook to keep notes/handouts. Course Description: This class will argue age-appropriate topics and distinguish between fallacies and facts. The students will engage in lively discussions and practice the techniques learned in class. The students will be able to name and identify 24 common fallacies and base their decisions on facts. Additional Notes: - *Fee is monthly subscription payment. Instructor Bio: ------------- Need a different day/time? Questions? -> email